San-tron pioneered low PIM microwave/RF cable assemblies with the SRX series, the perfect choice when passive intermodulation distortion plagues your critical signal transmissions.  These cable assemblies are ideal for antenna applications requiring a flexible, low loss RF cable.

SRX Low PIM Microwave/RF Cable Assemblies

SRX Series cable assemblies provide intermodulation performance as low as -168 dBc with an 7/16 connector terminated on flexible .141” cable. Minimum typical performance across our lineup of cable assemblies is -158 dBc.

SRX Series cable assemblies use an expanded PTFE dielectric to provide phase and attenuation stability.  They have excellent shielding, are UV and weather resistant, low in weight, and highly flexible. 

SRX Series cable assemblies are available with 4.3/10, 7/16, SMA, Type-N, and TNC connectors. 

Link to our standard SRX Low PIM RF Cable assemblies are shown below.  If your requirements are not met by our standard offering, please visit our cable builder to request a custom cable assembly. 

SRX Low PIM RF Cable Assemblies Family Drawing