San-tron cable assemblies using LMR® cable meet or exceed all commercial requirements for broadband applications. These cable assemblies are often used for antenna applications requiring a flexible, low loss RF cable.  Our LMR cable assemblies are also UV and weather resistant. 

LMR® and RG/M17 Commercial Microwave/RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Unlike other providers of LMR cable assemblies, San-tron uses our own high-quality, high durability connectors.  Don’t settle for LMR cable assemblies using cheap, inferior reliability connectors.  LMR cable assemblies from San-tron are available with Type-N, 7/16, TNC and SMA connectors. 

RG/M17 cables are MIL-Spec RF cables which were introduced in support of WWII.  These cable assemblies are broadly used for both defense and commercial applications below 3GHz. 

LMR® is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems.

Links to our standard LMR® and RG/M17 Commercial RF Cable assemblies are shown below.  If your requirements are not met by our standard offering, please visit our cable builder to request a custom cable assembly. 

LMR-240 RF Cable Assembly Family Drawing

LMR-400 RF Cable Assembly Family Drawing