This certification was developed in order to enhance North American security, which demands that the U.S. and Canada combine technology resources for mutual benefit. The JCP facilitates the access of unclassified technical data for the benefit of U.S. and Canadian defense and high technology industries. Such unclassified technical data – specifically with military or space application, includes any blueprints, drawings, plans, instructions, computer software and documentation, or the other technical information that can be used, or adapted for use, to design, engineer, produce, manufacture, operate, repair, overhaul, or reproduce military or space equipment or technology concerning such equipment.

This certification will allow San-tron to:

  • Request unclassified technical data controlled by the DoD or DND;
  • Respond to defense-related contracts or solicitations whose specifications involve unclassified technical data releasable only to certified contractors;
  • Attend restricted gatherings where unclassified technical data are presented;
  • Arrange unclassified visits directly with other certified U.S. or Canadian defense contractors or U.S. and Canadian military facilities.