San-tron’s ultra-low loss cables cover frequencies up to 40 GHz with diameters of .120” through .450”. They’re available armored or unarmored and are the solution for today’s antenna distribution systems, high performance test benches, ATE racks, military/aerospace, EW, and SATCOM installations.
The pSeries™ family of pressurized cable assemblies offer a variety of options when water and air ingress issues require interconnects to meet IP68 standards. Connections feature a one-piece proprietary dielectric that eliminates an internal rubber o-ring and greasy sealants typical of other pressurized solutions.
Flexible cable assemblies offered include popular RG-type and Times Microwave Systems’ LMR® cables terminated with your choice of coaxial interfaces. Single-shield and double shield upgrades are available. Applications include general purpose jumpers, microwave subsystem interconnects, mil-aero, DAS, WiFi/WiMax and other communications systems.
Engineers and project managers struggling to find a supplier for 3D formed, semi-rigid cables will be pleased to know San-tron has invested in precision CNC coaxial bending equipment for these complex RF/COAX assemblies. Hand-formable solutions up to 40 GHz are also available.
All of these custom tailored solutions join San-tron’s growing line of SRX, Low PIM coaxial cable assemblies which now include mini-DINs and the newest 4.3-10 Series, which falls in size between Type N and 7/16 series. SRX cable assemblies feature intermodulation performance as low as -168 dBc using flexible-141 cable*. Typical performance across the lineup of assemblies terminated with SMA or Type N style connectors is -158 dBc. SRX cable assemblies come in variety of in-cabinet, jumper, and long-haul styles, and in many cases are plenum-rated for fire retardation which is commonly required of in-building wireless or distributed antenna systems (DAS).
Built to customer specs San-tron’s custom cable assemblies are cut to exact lengths, terminated with advanced techniques by experienced technicians, and can include customer-specified markings and stress relievers. Full-verified test data, including VSWR, insertion loss, and delay specifications, as well as confirmation of phase and amplitude matching is included as required.
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* OTHER LOW PIM CABLE DIAMETERS AVAILABLE. (.047, .086, .141, .240, .250, .393, .400)