SRX™ Series. The Low-PIM Coaxial Cable Assembly and Adapter Solution.

San-tron SRX™ low PIM cable assemblies and adapters are the perfect choice when passive intermodulation distortion issues plague your critical signal transmissions. These cable assemblies are phase and attenuation stable, provide excellent shielding, support UL/NEC Plenum-class CMP, are corrosion resistant, are low in weight, and are highly flexible. They feature intermodulation performance as low as -168 dBc with an eSeries 7/16 connector terminated on flexible-141 cable. Typical performance across the lineup of assemblies terminated with SMA style and Type N style connectors is -158 dBc. SRX cable assemblies come in variety of in-cabinet, jumper, and long-haul styles, and in many cases are plenum-rated for fire retardation which is commonly required of in-building wireless or distributed antenna systems (DAS).

Mini-DINs Added to SRX Lineup

We’ve recently added high performance 4.1/9.5 mini-DIN cable assemblies and adapters to our growing line of low-PIM SRX products. The mini-DINs feature RF performance through 16 GHz and yield low PIM of -160 dBc with VSWR < 1.10:1 up to 7 GHz. They meet the most critical requirements for attenuation, VSWR, and intermodulation strength, and stand up to extreme environments due to their robust brass bodies and Albaloy plating. Mini-DIN adapters are available as within-series (mini-DIN to mini-DIN) as well as between-series adapters to Type N, SMA and 7/16 DIN interfaces.

Use our CABLE BUILDER to build the SRX low-PIM solution that is right for you. Then submit for a pricing request.

SRX Brochure

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