S292™ Series. The 40 GHz Coaxial Solution.

San-tron's S292 series is a new, exclusive offering for RF/microwave, military and aerospace engineers designing in the 40 GHz or K-band range. These high-performance coaxial connectors are designed to the 2.92 mm standard and offer a compatible mating style to Anritsu K Connectors, APC 3.5, SMA, WSMA, and 3.50 mm connectors. The S292 is rated to 40 GHz with outstanding performance when joined with .012 hermetic feedthroughs. This connector's .0689 launch diameter and center-contact geometry were specifically formulated to enhance performance when mated with these seals. These assemblies generate a VSWR contribution of 1.18 through 40 GHz. Both female and male versions of the field-replaceable panel receptacles are available with 7 flange styles and 2-hole and 4-hole mount options.


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An Introduction to San-tron S292 Connectors

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