pSeries™ Pressurized IP68 Rated Connectors.  The O-ring-less Coaxial Solution.

Pressurized coaxial connectors are vital when high pressure is maintained for extended periods and environment protection is required, such as in agriculture, aviation, and marine applications. These applications also typically require protection against moisture and other contaminates. But most pressurized coaxial connectors today use failure-prone internal O rings to create a pressure seal. Until now.

San-tron's innovative pSeries pressurized coaxial connectors provide low-loss, high-stability performance and meet MIL-STD 202 Method 212, Condition D (+125º C flourocarbon leak), test conditions. And they have been ingeniously designed so that they can be machined to extremely tight tolerances and can achieve pressure seals without an O-ring. These connectors' seal integrity, in fact, exceeds 10-5 cm3/s when tested under 30 psi pressure of alcohol per STI 8.2.4-13. A proprietary insulator also offers five times more thermal stability than standard PTFE insulators found in other pressurized connectors.

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