eSeries™ Connectors. Creating Ruggedized, Flexible Coaxial Cable Assembly Solutions.

eSeries high-performance RF coaxial connectors for flexible cable are the solution when applications include numerous flexures near the connector and when signal transmission is vital. Externally, eSeries coaxial connectors have an extended ferrule designed to protect a common failure point at the solder-wick line when cables are flexed repeatedly. To solve a common problem of brass coupling nuts "walking off," these connectors also feature a new, failure-proof coupling nut. Internally, eSeries coaxial connectors offer an easy-style, solder-free, captivated center contact; and a solder-damming positive cable stop to assist cable-assembly manufacturing technicians in consistently driving the cable into an exact position. The net result is flat and predictable broadband VSWR performance. eSeries connectors are also weatherproof and provide 50-ohm constant impedance. They’re designed to mate perfectly with San-tron's SRX-141 flexible cable and are available in eSMA, Type N, 7/16, and TNC styles. PIM models are also available featuring specialized plating.

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An Introduction to San-tron eSMA Connectors and Cable Assemblies

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